Spokane / Z Nation

I've started working on Z Nation, a zombie television show being filmed outside of Spokane as a Costumer. I got in to town early and wandered around downtown for the night. I was actually surprised to find a lot of amazingly interesting architecture and quaint little spots I want to go back to explore when I have more time.

Highlight: I had a glass of rosé at Mizuna and brainstormed video ideas. The wait staff was particularly awesome and sweet. There were strung lights and brick walls - as soon as I walked passed I did a big ol' u-turn and wandered in.

I guess another highlight was wandering onto the top of an open-air parking garage for a better view of the city and finding a crazy sweet locomotive engineer on vacation from Germany, camera in hand, waiting for trains to pass below to take photos of. We chatted for a bit and watched the trains go by. When I left he gave me encouraging words, as if he were a distant grandfather which was pretty sweet. I love having those moments in passing with strangers.