VW Knows How to Do Commercials

Yes! I just found one of my favorite commercials of all time. I first saw it when I was probably 15 or 16 and it oddly enough made me cry a happy cry because it totally sparked something in me and made me confident that video is what makes me tick. I used to have the song ripped off the video and would listen to it with all the car and misc sounds on top still because it simply inspired me. I spent so much time trying to research who the artist of the song was so I could get the full version, but found out that it was specially made for the video, so there is no longer version available. Saddest realization.

I love the song, I love the type of humor in it, I love the editing of it, I love the lead guy. I only wish I had access to a higher quality version of it. I think it’s smart, the spirit of it beautiful and it makes me love people. Even though the lead is very much so a character, it plays on something very honest and real about people in a way that is light and artful. I don’t mean to be overhyping it in a silly way, but I think it’s a damn good video that just so happens to be a commercial. There’s definitely talented crew behind it who’s brains I like and I really want to figure out who they are because I could imagine they would do amazing non-commercial work. I would SO see a short or feature video from those behind this video. I think I did figure out who they were at some point and will have to revisit that, I’d love to reach out to them.

I am so inspired by music paired well with imagery, for some reason it just really gives me an excitement I get nowhere else – I literally get thrilled, and I sometimes kind of want to cry (ok, maybe I do as in this case) because I’m just bubbling with this need to make these pairings. I think it’s a tangible love for it. I just want to watch and listen over and over again.

I absolutely need to be surrounding myself with imagery and music. I’m so excited for when I’m able to collaborate on projects with people who feel the same way, it will be such a dream. I just now need to let go of some of the irrational fear I have so I can be there now.


I will now watch it 27 times and smile.