Nealy Blau and JoAnn Verburg

I’ve been thinking about two of my favorite photographers lately: JoAnn Verburg and Nealy Blau. I was introduced to them via shows at G. Gibson Gallery in Pioneer Square (one of my favorite galleries). These are the kind of images I just want to stare at and surround myself with, I’m so incredibly inspired by them. I always grasp for words to describe these types of colors – and I always come up with “liquid.” These images just feel liquid and fluid to me, the colors are so rich. There’s also a calm and thoughtfulness to them that I appreciate, they’re experiential. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. JoAnn Verburg’s photos are just little snippets of careful observation, not grand productions and that’s what I like. I love her play with focus and depth of field.

Neal Blau is a Seattle-based artist who produces gorgeous images combining real-life elements with natural history museum backdrops that kind of melt my heart.