Music Love

If you know me, you know that music videos are my obsession and make me more excited than anything else in the world. They are my love. I love moments when great music is effectively translated into and paired with imagery. I think it’s partially because I love music so achingly much that music videos I like help express the type of response I get when hearing particular songs. When I hear music I love, it’s as if my body short circuits and I forget how to move my limbs not in a hastened, awkward way away to the beat because I just want the people around me to hear. that. one. part. right at 0:32 or 1:12. Do you hear that brrer-reer pa-pow……?? RIGHT THERE! And I repeatedly just am met with blank stares or a loving laugh from someone who knows that this is just what I do.

Well, here are some music videos and tracks I’ve been loving lately.


This song has been my obsession lately and the youtube user who edited it along to a beautifully shot documentary did a great job. It made me crumble a bit watching it. I love people and I love this world and I love artful perspectives of both that make you present and appreciative of them. I love inspired perspectives.

“That one part” of this video and song to me is hands down is at 3:02 – the loopy, dreaminess of the slow motion spiraling Ferris wheel with the stationary boys in the middle paired with the trickling, dwindling, twisting music melts me – uh! The steady swooping camera movement at 3:28 and the mob of people looking at the camera is also so lovely. I guess it reminds me of our humanness and how many threads of life journeys there are around us. People simply standing collectively and looking in a shared direction – it strikes me as fundamentally -powerful-. The slow motion of young boys running at 1:16 has a rhythm that draaags, each stride feeling slightly weighted and has a cool tension with the very decisive beat of that portion of the song.

I really am not sure why I have such a strong urge to always point these things out so minutely and whenever I attempt to navigate that question I just end up looping back to what is our motivation to do anything? I think those particular moments in great video and music are the moments that assure me that the world is an awe-inspiring place and I just naturally want to enthusiastically share that. I think I also just want to dwell in those moments, too.


Of course shot by Martin de Thurah, who’s consistently amazing. This song has been blowing up in my Facebook feed, my friends keep posting it – understandably. I love the jump of the song at 1:45 paired with the flicker of the light stream, accented by other spots and flares of light. BRILLIANT for pairing with the sheet of sound. Favorite part: 2:42 with the frozen pebbles and strong shadows – beautiful.

BWGH Promo video with song – Mmoth’s Heart

I think my favorite part with this video actually happens to be the transition into the song. I like the ambient noise that is leads with – the birds chirping, car door shutting, shoes on gravel. Perhaps a theme between these three – slow motion. I love

And then some songs that have yet to be paired with an awesome music video (at least I haven’t seen them) – gets the ideas a-flowing.


The title matches this song perfectly.